Fire, earth, water and air are our planet’s elements. The fifth element is the home in which we live and feel comfortable. At Element 5 Mallorca, we take care of this fifth element in your life on the island of Mallorca.

When selecting villas, houses and apartments for our portfolio, we pay attention to the concept for living that these venues provide or can be adapted to. For our own projects, we focus on the harmony of the five elements as well as on functionality and energy efficiency and whether or not the properties can be turned into homes.

We place emphasis on maintaining close partnerships with our clients, sometimes even friendships. Knowing a client’s personality is key to selecting the ideal property for him or her.

In addition to transparency of all our business processes, we owe our long-standing success and impeccable reputation in the market to our core value: fairness.


Mark is a certified power electronics engineer. Originally from Northern Germany, he moved in 2000 to Mallorca, where he has been working as a real estate agent since 2001.

In 2006, he founded his own agency, intermallorca. Based on a new and extended concept, he renamed the firm Element 5 Mallorca in 2013.

Mark has found both his professional and private fortune on the island – he is married and the proud father of a beautiful daughter.