#732, Extravagant penthouse with view to the cathedral and sea in Old Town Palma

Penthouse, Flat in Palma

  • Extravagante Penthaus Wohnung mit Kathedralenblick in Palmas Altstadt
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In a prime location in Palma's old town, this gem offers everything you could wish for in a luxury penthouse in the city. A spacious flat with lots of character, balcony terrace overlooking the Cathedral and Bishop's Garden, a sunny roof terrace with sea views, a lift and off street parking!

The penthouse is on the third floor of a historical building in the middle of the old town of Palma. The apartment was completely renovated in 2016. All plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning installations and a completely new roof. During the renovation, great importance was attached to preserving the typical elements of the old building. Old ceiling beams were preserved and restored. A spacious entrance area leads to the open living and dining area with fireplace and high, sloping beamed ceiling. The modern kitchen, separated by a steel bar glass door, and the access to the balcony terrace are connected from here. On the other side you reach the sleeping wing with the master bedroom and bathroom en suite. Further on you reach the separate guest area with living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. From this salon you have access to the sunny roof terrace, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and the cathedral.

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